Affiliate Program Overview

Join our affiliate program and earn competitive commissions by promoting our leading AI automation tool. Whether you're a blogger, educator, or tech enthusiast, you can earn by helping us grow. Our multi-tiered commission structure is designed to reward our affiliates generously for every customer they refer.

Commission Structure

  • Basic Plan ($20, 400 actions)

    • Commission: 50%

    • Affiliate Earnings: $10 per sale

  • Standard Plan ($69, 1,200 actions)

    • Commission: 30%

    • Affiliate Earnings: $20 per sale

  • Advanced Plan ($199, 3,000 actions)

    • Commission: 20%

    • Affiliate Earnings: $40 per sale

  • Premium Plan ($499, 7,500 actions)

    • Commission: 20%

    • Affiliate Earnings: $100 per sale

Payment Details

  • Payout Threshold: A minimum of $100 in commissions must be earned before payouts are made.

  • Payment Schedule: Commissions are paid monthly. If the payout threshold is not met in a month, earnings will roll over to the next month.

  • Payouts will be made on monthly basis for a rolling period starting from 1st on every month. Pro-rata applies.

How to Join

  1. Sign Up: Register for our affiliate program through our dedicated affiliate platform.

  2. Promote: Use the provided marketing materials and your unique affiliate link to promote our AI automation tool.

  3. Earn: Receive a commission for every customer who subscribes using your affiliate link.

Why Partner With Us?

  • High Earnings Potential: With our generous commission rates, especially on our Basic Plan, you have a significant earning opportunity.

  • Regular Payments: Reliable monthly payments ensure you get your earnings promptly, as long as you meet the payout threshold.

  • Support and Resources: Access to a variety of marketing materials and support to help you succeed in your promotional efforts.

Join us in driving the future of automation technology and start earning today!