Generative AI is outdated. Know the future next.

Sep 17, 2023

Generative AI being outdated.

Generative AI has been all over the internet, increasing human productivity impressively. The Next wave of human productivity is now here - introduces you to the very first super AI assistant, Allie.

  • Delegate tasks: You can ask Allie to do everyday tasks like booking a cab, answering mail, scheduling a meeting, and anything else that takes your time.

  • Ask and Allie does it: Life with AI does not have to be a prompt typing battle, You can simply speak to Allie in your own way and she understands the intent and context. More time and headache saved.

  • No jumping between devices: Allie is capable of operating across multiple devices, you can now relax and ask Allie to send you the last evening's business proposal documents from your work computer in a minute.

  • Never-ending possibilities: Allie is that excited kid in the class who likes to learn it all. She is constantly learning new applications and use cases every day to be the smartest in her class.

Comment below what you would love for Allie to know and do for you. Experience Allie for free by joining the waitlist today. Limited slots and filling up super fast. Hurry up!


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