How multitasking has messed us up and how Super AI is the cure to it

Sep 14, 2023


We live in a world where nothing seems to be enough, each goal simply unlocks a bigger goal to run behind. Nothing seems to satisfy human ambition, Sure ambition is good but the methods we advocate to achieve such are not as white as we may consider it. Still cannot understand what we are speaking about? Jack of all trades, king of none? Juggling many plates at once? Strike any thoughts now? Multitasking, yes, we are talking about it today.

Multitasking has been a standard habit by many individuals in this era. It has also been claimed proudly as one of the many famous productivity hacks. As unbelievable as it may seem to you, It is the biggest hack myth of the century. Multi-tasking does no good for the human brain let alone does a large amount of damage to it.  Let us summaries a few of the many damages it does to us.

1. Quality of Work: When we do too many things at once, our work quality suffers. It's like trying to be good at everything but not excelling at anything. Also, the amount of progress achieved at the end of the day sums to zero.

2. Excessive stress: Multitasking can be a real stress-generator. Switching between tasks constantly makes us prone to mistakes and can leave us feeling stressed and anxious. It's like having a mental tug-of-war.

3. Not So Productive: Surprisingly, multitasking doesn't make us more productive; it can slow us down. Shifting our focus too often means we can't work as quickly or stay motivated. Consistency is always the key to productivity.

4. Fall of creative ideas: Multitasking can steal our creativity and focus. We need a bit of concentration to come up with fresh ideas, but that's tough when we're bouncing between tasks.

5. Memory Slip: Multitasking can make us forget important stuff and procrastinate. Imagine having too many browser tabs open; it's like that but for your brain. Everything be it a computer or a human brain, definitely has its memory capacity.

These are just some common pitfalls of multitasking. So how do we get out of these issues efficiently? Have an assistant who can help you run the day with you. But is it possible for all the population out there? What if the assistants need help? This is where AI innovation comes to the rescue.

Introducing ’s Super AI assistant, the future of healthy productivity and task management. Allocate all repetitive and time-consuming tasks to your Super assistant Allie who will get it done for you with utmost accuracy personalized with your work style.

Be it any task across the browser or anything on your devices, you can trust Allie to have your back so that you can focus on the things that matter. Be the superhuman whose superpower is infinite time now.  Join the waitlist to be one among the original 1000 today!


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